Howto re-join a cluster from scratch

Hi everybody,
supposing to have a node not correctly joining a cluster, I would like to join from scratch the cluster itself.
For this reason, I

  1. stopped openais on the node I would like to reconfigure
  2. deleted the node from the crm on the node survived with “crm node delete node2” command
  3. deleted /var/lib/heartbeat directory on the node I would like to reconfigure
  4. sleha-join -c -i

but the node continue to say “Waiting for cluster”… for a long time. As soon as I “CTRL-C” the sleha-join command the node crashes and reboots.
What is the correct procedure to rejoin correctly a node ? Surely I forgot something very important.

Best regards in advance


Suse version:
SLES for SAP Applications 11.2 (x86_64) - Kernel



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