HSM, deduplication and compression


In presentation (PDF) about SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 Hierarchical storage management feature is mentioned as “Enterprise Consumable”. Are there any plans in implementing that feature? We are also interested in Deduplication and Compression functionality and SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 (according to the consumer presentation) has that second partially ready. Do You have any more information about their status/plans or is it just dependent on Ceph open source platform?


Hi Mike,

SUSE doesn’t normally comment on products and features that have not yet been announced.

If you visit SUSE Enterprise Storage and ask for a 60 day Free trial, you will be able to download an Evaluation copy of SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 x86-64.

The links on the above page currently point to the SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 Documentation. I’ll report that to SUSE and get it corrected. In the mean time, look here for SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 documentation.