Hyper converged on prem install: Mix k8s and rancher hosts?


I am new to rancher and want to setup a small on premise kubernetes cluster managed by rancher.
I am thinking of 3 to max 6 servers at the beginning to keep the cost low. Install will be on premise, so no cloud interaction is planed.
I want to setup in a hyper converged way, meaning:

host0: rancher-node-0, k8s-master-0
host1: rancher-node-1, k8s-master-1
host2: rancher-node-2, k8s-master-3 (pod-scheduling enabled), ceph-0
host3: k8s-worker-0, ceph-1
host4: k8s-worker-1, ceph-2

So my Idea would be to provision rancher and k8s-master nodes on the same host. Is that possible?

Regards, Andreas