I can not edit my post?

I can not edit my post ??
I can not change my name in your profile
I can not change your nickname on profile
I can not change the category of post ???

@111 The Rancher Forums uses User Trust Levels to maintain the quality of the forums. It is a way to sandbox new users so that they do not unknowingly/knowingly engage in behavior that is hurtful or unpleasant to the community at large.

As a new user, you were initially assigned a trust level of ‘New’, which had very limited capability. Now, that you have participated more in the forums, you been assigned a ‘Basic’ User Trust level.

Basic Users have the ability to

→ Upload images and attachments if enabled
→ Edit wiki posts
→ Flag posts

→ All the restrictions of your previous user trust level are removed

Like I mentioned, basic users have limited capability, and as you participate in the forums more your User Trust Level will increase and along with that your capabilities as well.

You can find more information here. Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

In order to edit your name and nickname on your profile. Click on the preferences button in your profile page.