I want to "copy" a stack

I want to create a service stack, then allow novice users to “copy” the service and rename it, and run it.

So I know the stack will need to be set up with the proper affinity settings. And I can accomplish this by running rancher-compose and the -p option. So really I want to do something like the -p option, but in the UI.

So I took the sidekick example yml from your docs, and created a stack from it with the name “test”. In the UI, I clicked the clone action. On the next page, I only changed the name to test2 thinking that all of the other parts of the “test” stack would be copied or cloned “as-is”. But I got this error:

Please, advise.

I’m a bit confused because I don’t believe there is a way to clone a stack in the UI. There is a way to clone services, but not a stack. From what you have written, it sounds as if you have created a single service using sidekicks and trying to clone it.

I filed this issue to give a better error message on trying to clone sidekicked services:

I have added an issue to open up an issue on how to clone stacks in the UI.