Import EKS - Cluster must have at least one managed nodegroup

When I try to import an EKS cluster into rancher, the import fails with:
This cluster is currently **Waiting** . Cluster must have at least one managed nodegroup.

The AWS console confirms there are no nodegroups.
I have a perfectly healthy kubernetes cluster that uses an Auto Scaling Group instead of a Managed Node Group.

I created the cluster with terraform. I used “worker_groups” to build my nodes. The documentation I’ve read imply “worker_groups” is recommended because it gives you more control over your nodes over “node_groups”.

Q: Is managed node group a requirement?
Q2: Does Rancher support ASG instead?
Q3: How to make this work?


I have the same issue. The cluster imports and works fine. The issue is that Rancher keeps flapping the state from Active to Waiting. I think this should be handled in Rancher to remove that requirement. If the API is working and there is at least one healthy node, the cluster is Active.

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