Import pi k3s cluster, failed to start cattle-cluster-agent

I am trying to import a pi k3s cluster to rancher 2.5.7, and seeing this error

~ k get pods -n cattle-system
cattle-cluster-agent-64fc7fd57-nqlq5 0/1 ErrImagePull 0 116s

from event, I saw

Type Reason Age From Message

Normal Scheduled 3m35s default-scheduler Successfully assigned cattle-system/cattle-cluster-agent-64fc7fd57-nqlq5 to pi3-04.local
Normal Pulling 2m4s (x4 over 3m34s) kubelet, pi3-04.local Pulling image “rancher/rancher-agent:v2.5.7”
Warning Failed 2m3s (x4 over 3m31s) kubelet, pi3-04.local Error: ErrImagePull
Warning Failed 2m3s (x4 over 3m31s) kubelet, pi3-04.local Failed to pull image “rancher/rancher-agent:v2.5.7”: rpc error: code = NotFound desc = failed to pull and unpack image “”: failed to unpack image on snapshotter overlayfs: no match for platform in manifest sha256:e18d810e0468e7758587846242a5efefda5ba42401655ffa66daba7a6fbe83ca: not found
Normal BackOff 109s (x6 over 3m31s) kubelet, pi3-04.local Back-off pulling image “rancher/rancher-agent:v2.5.7”
Warning Failed 98s (x7 over 3m31s) kubelet, pi3-04.local Error: ImagePullBackOff

Is this supported?