Import Stack on new rancher server instance

Hi, I’m experimenting with hosts, and I moved a host from one rancher server instance to another as a test.

There is a sample wordpress stack on this particular host which stays active throughout the process.

I can see that the containers are visible on the destination rancher server instance, and I can see the stack in the host view, but I cannot see the stack in the stacks view.

Is it possible to ‘import’ a stack in this manner?

No, there’s no way to “import” your stack into the stacks UI. The hosts view shows them in stacks cause of the label on the container (when it was originally created in Rancher).

If you wanted to import a stack into Rancher, you could do so using the docker-compose.yml and rancher-compose.yml of the previous stack and then add them in the “Add Stack” button.