Imported cluster lacks functionality that we would normally have in cluster created through Rancher - how to add missing functionality to imported cluster?

When we originally stood up our Rancher instance, we created a new cluster, and then copied the docker commands in our nodes to get everything installed properly. Fast forward 6 months, and we had some weird issues, where something happened that required us to remove the cluster in Rancher and import it.

After importing it, I noticed that we lost a lot of functionality that we previously had in Rancher. Now it’s just pulling metrics about the cluster, but doesn’t allow us to do much else.

If we wanted to add 2 more nodes, the imported cluster doesn’t give us the option to copy a docker command that we can run on the new nodes to get it all set up. Do we have to manually setup these nodes now, using kubeadm?

How can we get the normal Rancher functionality working on that cluster again? Are we forced to recreate the cluster in Rancher and migrate all the workloads over?