Ingress rules: service vs workload backend

When creating an ingress rule, what’s the functional difference between choosing a service vs a workload for the backend? In what cases would I want to choose one over the other? By default a new ingress rule selects workload, but I’ve been deleting the workload rule and adding a service instead, since it generally makes more sense to me to interact with the kubernetes svc that’s fronting a given deployment. I suppose I’m asking this in part because it’s unclear to me how the term ‘workload’ is being used in Rancher.

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I am also curious about this.

+1 as for definition mapping between Rancher and Kubernetes see - I thought I read that mapping Ingress to workloads was less desirable but I can’t recall why so I too would like to know.

Very old, I know, but maybe it helps someone as I more or less just found this out :slight_smile:
It seems when using “Workload” as the Target, Rancher automatically creates a Service for you. So there’s no difference in the end between the two, just that one is “easier” to manage because you don’t need to create a service yourself.