Ingress understanding

what i know / have running : i got a running rancher ha setup (2.4.2) on vsphere w/ a L4 nginx lb in front of it. access the ui and provision new clusters (vsphere node driver) works great. I know I’m not in the cloud and cannot use a L7 LB (apart from nip.ip or metal lb maybe), and deploying workloads and expose them via nodeport works great (so the workloads are available on the specified port on each node a according pod is running on).

my question : is it possible to expose (maybe via ingress) applications on any of my running cluster under the domain/adress I can access the rancher ui (in my case: https://rancher-things.local)? like have external (local network, not public) if I would deploy maybe a harbor registry and can somehow expose it like https://rancherthings.local/harbor? or if this would not work is it possible to deploy a L4 load balancer for accessing applications on or in front of a specific cluster?

thank you.

Rancher ingress controller is capable to do L7.
You just have to create a record in your DNS. For the test purposes, use /etc/hosts on the machine when you are going to browse your app.

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