install "[B]Linux SUSE SLES 11 SP3[/B]" With SAP 4.6C

hello ,
I want to install “Linux SUSE SLES 11 SP3” With “SAP 4.6C SR2 on Linux x86_64” but after installation Linux Suse I can’t install the SLES 11 because i don’t found the ‘master Installation’ despite i used its folders “51044565_8 , 51042263_8 , 51043021 , 51033208_8 …” every try i get this message '[COLOR="#FF0000"]cannot find installation master at given location[/COLOR]
can you help me please.
thank you

A response has been posted to your post in another forum already. Until
you have SLES installed properly the SAP specifics probably do not matter.
If you do already have SLES installed, it’d be helpful to know that. As
mentioned in the other thread, knowing which docs you are following and
where you are in them could help better-understand your situation.

Good luck.

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You need at first the SWPM (SoftWare Provisioning Manager) - this is the new method for SAP installs from SAP (the new “installation master” and sapinst).
There are two versions out from SAP, one for SAP NW Versions > 70 (SWPM10SPxxxxx) and one for < 70 (70SWPM10SPxxxxx)

So download the SWPM and use it as installation master. After that you need your other SAP Medias.

Your SUSE SAP Team