Install patches

Hi all,

Newbie here with question.

I need to install the following patch:

How can I install this patch? Using the patch command?
Patch file references paths which don’t exist on my system - is that an issue? Also the file looks like an email - is this a typical format for a patch? This is the first time I have had to apply a patch.

I Googled, but quickly became overwhelmed with search results and varied opinions from other forums.

Need a quick and dirty answer on how I can install this patch (I promise I will read the patch man page again once I can successfully complete patching).

Thanks in advance.


What you’re trying to do (incorrectly) is apply a patch to source. SUSE
ships compiled applications so you do not need to compile from source all
of the time, and that means you (unless you have added them) do not have
source files, so your patch file is not that helpful. Thankfully, SUSE
not only ships the applications but also ships the patched application
files. The link above is specifically SUSE’s analysis of the issue and
shows the patched versions of the RPMs. All you need to do is be sure
you’re on those versions or later (be sure you match up the rows with your
install… don’t compare SLES 10 with a SLES 11 install or vice versa) and
then you’re done.

If you do not have these installed yet, but sure you are subscribed to a
patch channel and then follow the normal patching procedure. Considering
your post I am assuming you do not know the normal patching procedure, and
if it is not in the documentation (it should be) the command that I
believe is correct follows:


sudo zypper ref #refresh from the repositories
sudo zypper patch #apply available patches

If you do not see patches and you think you should have them be sure you
are subscribed to update channels, which would imply you are a registered
customer using SLES. Yast can be used to register:


sudo /sbin/yast

Good luck.