Installing RancherOS on disk with iPXE

I am trying to automate the installation of the RancherOS on a virtual machine.
The route I took involves booting the RancherOS via iPXE (which works fine) with a custom cloud-config file (generated by Foreman) and after running the ros install command.
I’m not sure how to automatically call the ros install command during iPXE boot; I looked at: and I’m thinking to run a command via a container like they does, but how to ensure that the container starts only once and not at every boot?
Is there any better way to automate the RancherOS install?

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I’m using a simple cloud config like that:

  - path: /opt/rancher/bin/install.yml
    permissions: "0700"
    content: |
      hostname: rancher-os
        - ... 
  - path: /opt/rancher/bin/
    permissions: "0700"
    content: |
      echo Y | sudo ros install -f -c /opt/rancher/bin/install.yml -d /dev/sda

Yep, that’s cloud config inside cloud config. The outer one is used only during first boot to install to disk. The inner one is used after install.