Introduce yourself :)

[{“insert”:"Hi I’m Chris,
I’m a developer evangelist at SUSE and love working with awesome tech and meeting great people from diverse backgrounds. If you want to have a private chat, please drop me a mail at

[{“insert”:“Hi All ! I am Melissa and the. CEO of SUSE and super excited to be part of this forum. I look forward to loads of collaboration with some great people located globally! Happy developing!”},{“insert”:{“emoji”:{“emojiChar”:"?"}}},{“insert”:"

[{“insert”:“Awesome to have you here Melissa! “},{“insert”:{“emoji”:{“emojiChar”:”?”}}},{“insert”:" #PowerOfMany

[{“insert”:"Thomas here, President of Engineering & Innovation at SUSE. Former developer, a few years back, great to see this forum and the sandbox! Giving it a try :slight_smile:

[{“insert”:"Hi there!
I’m Brice, I am a Computer Engineer, Cloud Enthusiast, Open Source Evangelist and Cyber Security Paranoid.

[{“insert”:"I´m Claudio… Sales Engineer based out of Switzerland, and a Cloud Application platform advocate.

[{“insert”:"Hello all! Welcome and great to have you in our community!

[{“insert”:"Hi, I probably have an unusual occupation, as I was elected to run our tribal government for most of the last decade. I also had authored several GNU packages two decades ago and I was a founder for Open Source Telecom Corp. My domain expertise is in producing and evangelizing secure communication solutions for protecting personal privacy.

[{“insert”:“Hello everyone!
My name is Neal! I’m a long-time open source software developer, who just happens to hang out everywhere. “},{“insert”:{“emoji”:{“emojiChar”:”?”}}},{“insert”:"
I’ve been doing this open source thing in some form for over 15 years, and I still love doing it! To me, the best part of open source is the community, and bringing communities together has been a passion of mine for the last few years.
I’m looking forward to doing more on the green side, as I do on the red one and even some other colors. ??

[{“insert”:"Hello and welcome everybody!
Great to have you here! It’s cool to meet new and interesting people, who have rich Linux \/ openSource experience.
If anyone want’s to drop on a private chat, please message me at
Happy Monday and have a great week!


[{“insert”:"Hello everyone!
I´m Luis and I work as Linux System Analyst which I enjoy very much and I wondering to improve my knownledge in the SLES Linux systems.

[{“insert”:"Hey! Everyone!
I’m Robert I’m an OpenSuse user unlike all of you writing here so far I’m not a coder more of a tester I use Tumbleweed. I send in bug reports if needed. So far though TW has been so well done no bugs to report.
Lastly because I’m not a coder or developer is it okay for me to be here?

It’s awesome having you here and thank you for participating.
This is a space for anyone, who is interested in awesome SUSE tech and who wants to communicate with other developers, techies, internet whizz kids and alike :smiley:
Have a lot of fun!


[{“insert”:“Hi Everyone
I’m Malcolm, long term openSUSE\/SLE user (Circa 2005), my area of contributions is packaging and helping out in the openSUSE and SUSE forums “},{“insert”:{“emoji”:{“emojiChar”:”?”}}},{“insert”:"


Great to have you back “},{“insert”:{“emoji”:{“emojiChar”:”?"}}},{“insert”:{“emoji”:{“emojiChar”:"?"}}},{“insert”:{“emoji”:{“emojiChar”:"?"}}},{“insert”:"

I’m dom and I’m a 1st year apprentice at SUSE. I started with GNU/Linux around 2005 with Debian and moved later on to Arch Linux and openSUSE Tumbleweed because I love the rolling release model. Currently I’m improving the SUSE Public Beta Program and helping Vincent, who’s responsible for it.

Welcome Dom! Great to have you here :slight_smile:

I’m actual here for a while. I started using SUSE when Windows 10 came up. I’m a user that do not wish to get spy on.
I decided for SUSE because of YAST. Ubuntu is much more out of the box, but when in an network, it is more difficult. Coding i stopped with in 1990’s.
And it has been a mess 5 years ago. Just installation in dual boot cost a SUSE engineer and I a whole Christmas holidays. I think we end up at 7 trial. But we made it.
Next step: get a HP document center to cooperate. 2 SUSE engineers, HP engineers an other struggled over few month.
And last but not least, the available software was not much available. OpenSuse has few more.
Often long discussions with engineers about that we User are not nerds. We wish use a software as they use their bicycle and quality and service is needed.
It is nice to see the steps SUSE made since. Today we run 3 licenses at home, my father and my daughter use Linux as well.
It is easy to install and more and more usual software is available - even touch screen software and driver. The link to OpenSuse is a great step open up for much more needed software.

Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer to SUSE, with which I’m experimenting so far. I’m an absolute newbie to anything Linux-based, so I’m heer to learn… Even if I’m unfamiliar with that type of platform; I’ve decided to use it as I’ve heard it is business-oriented, and I was looking for an OS for our computers at work, in the company I work for, that aims at entering the airsoft and plastic model markets.

See you soon on the forums!

Great to have you here @Hans-Christoph and @Olivier !