Is Adding --net=container:id in the roadmap?

Docker allows to add container’s processes inside of the network stack that has already been created inside of another container.
More info here:

Do you guys plan to integrate this feature?

How does several releases ago sound :smile:

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Arf … i’m so dumb :slight_smile:
I started to explore rancher, coming from tutum… and didn’t get any container when was in that UI so i guess it didn’t showed up in the dropdown :smiley:


@vincent Looks like port range is not supported… am i right?

@gregory Currently, port ranges are not supported, but we are planning to add it in the near future.

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Hey @vincent actually there is a bug :slight_smile:
The only way to get this is by adding a container manually from the infrastructure. That option is not available when you try to add a service on an existing stack.
I just realized that when i used rancher-compose to push my yml file that included the net: ‘container:container_name’
I’m on rancher/server:v0.32.0
Looks like a bug…

Not a bug, but a feature not in the UI yet. Creating a service (with scale probably > 1) and linking it to networking for a single container doesn’t really make any sense, so it is hidden on services.

To have multiple services share the same networking (…or volumes) they need to be defined as “sidekicks”; So there is a primary service and one or more related sidekick containers which are always deployed with the same scale and scheduled together with the primary. Creating these is currently only available through rancher-compose:

Holly *! This is a hidden gem i missed!
Would definitely awesome to have a single place with all the labels and their meanings!

Thanks for bringing this up!

:+1: cough cough @denise :smile:

This labels update will be included in our docs soon. There is already a PR in place.

@denise @vincent
We need to add a service / container to anothers container netns like done with --network container:<container_name>. The scale should be one. Is there a way to activate it during compose deployment?

Will sidekick do the same? Is it possible to create a multi host sidekick / --network container:<container_name> with rancher?