Is Docker useful for database or not?

I was figuring out for multiple things. I just want to know that is docker useful or a viable solution for databases like mysql?
Is it worth running database in docker?

Hey @raseshns. Since this doesn’t really have much to do with Rancher specifically, these types of general Docker questions might get a better answer in the Docker forum or the Docker repo’s Gitter chat. Also, chances are good you’re not the first to ask either, so I recommend a quick search over at the Docker forum before submitting a new question there.

There are also tons of answers and examples in the Docker docs and lots of demos on the official youtube channel (as well as all over youtube in general). I recommend subscribing to the Docker newsletter too. They send out a big list a great articles every week about real world Docker usage.

To be clear, I certainly don’t want it to sound like I’m discouraging asking questions. I’m just trying to point you to the best place to find the answer. :wink:

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