Is it possible to run Rancher on rke2 v1.28.10?

I installed v1.28.10+rke2r1 and have three controlplane VMs and four worker nodes. The cluster was working well so I decided to see if Rancher (the web management gui) would work.
Before I installed Rancher I installed the cert management software: helm install cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager --namespace cert-manager --create-namespace --version v1.11.0.
I added the Rancher helm repo and ran helm install rancher rancher-latest/rancher --namespace cattle-system --set hostname=cz1.tzz.zo --set replicas=3 --set bootstrapPassword=admin which ran without error. )

When I tried to load http://cz1.tzz.zo I received an nginx error. 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
The load on the kvm host (where all the VMs are running) went into the middle twenties before I uninstalled the Rancher helm chart. I could not guess which pod to examine for logs so I had no choice but to kubectl scale deployment rancher --replicas=0 -n cattle-system and then uninstall.

Perhaps rancher-latest/rancher is too new for the rke2 I’m running. What Rancher version might work better? Or perhaps jetpack’s cert management software doesn’t like my self-signed certs. Please advise.