Is it possible to use RancherVM and Longhorn now?


I would like to ask about the ability to run virtual machines from images in the docker registers and store persistently data in Longhorn. I read in your blog that such plans exist, but I could not find information at what stage it is now. Be kind enough to inform about your plans in this topic.

Regards, Aleksey.

Hi @aleksey005

We got PoC working but we haven’t completed a full integration that can be easily used by a user. We would still need sometime to improve on the installation flow and user experience. Stay tuned!


This article describes how to connect iSCSI. If you create a volume in Longhorn and Persistent Volume in the Rancher and specify as a target iSCSI Longhorn. Then mount this volume to the created virtual machine via the iSCSI client in virtual machine. It will work?

It is clear that I wrote nonsense. Volume can be mounted through the class for standard Docker-workload. I really want to store all the data ranchervm in replicas of Longhorn. Really looking forward to this feature.

I have a lot of virtual machines RancherVM (Atlassian-stack for DevOps) in and I would like to get volumes with databases PgSQL in Longhorn through iSCSI. In the near future I will conduct this experiment and write in this topic about the results.

P.S. A test was conducted for 1000 simultaneous users on a site with full data storage in Longhorn (PgSQL and MongoDB, SSD and HDD). The file system showed good performance, the limit was buried at 100 Mbps Internet speed.

Thanks for the update @aleksey005

The iSCSI endpoint is designed for RancherVM, as well as a bunch of other features. But there is still a few gaps before we can completed integrate RancherVM with Longhorn, like use Longhorn as the root image for VM, provide integrated snapshot/backup etc. That’s what we’re planning to work on as the next step.

Of course, if you’re only going to use Longhorn as data disk rather than the root disk, it should work now, just like a persistent storage in a pod.

@yasker Hello

I install new in rancher vm and view this:

Is there documentation where to configure this access in Longhorn?

Hi @aleksey005

We’re still working on the feature. It’s not stable yet, so we disabled the options to use Longhorn as storage. Sorry it’s a bit misleading that Longhorn related settings are still there…