is Linux Enterprise Server JeOS a separate option?

SLES 12 SP1 just arrived, and is advertising “Improved operational efficiency” with JeOS (among others):

From what we can learn more about JeOS, it sounds as if this is a seperate offering?

Am I wrong? Could any SLES12 customer utilize JeOS?

The SLES12 docs appear to mention JeOS only in the hardening guide.

Thanks for clarification,


Spoke to one of my SUSE contacts, the SP1 version is not available yet, but here is a link to SLE 12 JeOS;

AFAIK, if you have a valid SLE code, all should be good.

I am 99% sure anybody can get JeOS; if nothing else go to SUSE Studio
( and login with your favorite account (or
create one linked to something like your SUSE account, or Google, account,
or whatever thanks to federation) and then you can configure/download JeOS
from in there (along with other builds of SLE, openSUSE, etc.).

Good luck.

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