Is there a way to add support for us-east-2 for the aws machine driver?

I know its relatively new region-wise, but i can’t seem to find where I could change/add us-east-2 as an option.

And everything I’m finding online talks about adding a driver rather than modifying this one…tho that’s an option I guess.

If there’s no way, +1 request for adding the region.

Any insight would be most appreciated.


It first needs to be added to docker-machine, which was done a few days ago. Normally we’d wait for an actual release, but we need other stuff that isn’t released yet for Azure anyway.

So Rancher 1.2 will include a build of machine that has us-east-2.

I should have realized the dependencies with docker-machine, if I’d thought it thru.

Thanks for the update and for getting it into 1.2…

Rancher is helping me solve a lot of problems… Cheers!