K3d managing container images


I am using k3d to deploy a local development environment for a project. I have the Docker images for developing the project in Gitlab. Sometimes I need to remove the project images that k3d pulled when I did kubectl apply on my project and pull new ones. With regular docker I would do a docker rmi on these images, how can I do the equivalent with k3d?


Can you post this question in the github.com/rancher/k3d repo or in the k3d channel in our Slack channel?

The maintainer of that project is a community member, not a full-time Rancher employee and he primarily interacts with the community in those two places.

Yes, thanks for the heads up.

For anyone who might end up here via a search, the issue over in the k3d repo is below and the short answer is I was able to accomplish what I wanted with

docker exec k3d-k3s-default-server-0 sh -c "ctr image list -q | grep registry.gitlab | xargs ctr image rm"