K3s certificate has expired

I have a k3s cluster with 3 master nodes and 3 workers.
after getting the certificate expiration error I tried updating the cluster to a newer version (v1.21.5+k3s2) in order to automatic certificate renew.

But even after update when I check master node logs I see this error is repeating:

" k3s[591]: E0508 21:40:08.866523 591 authentication.go:63] “Unable to authenticate the request” err="[x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid: current time 2022-05-08T21:40:08+04:30 is after 2022-05-05T17:43:01Z, verifying certificate …"

I don’t know where it is coming from and how to solve it.
I have no problem with kubectl command.

any suggestion on the issue?