K8s UI is not accesible

Environment: k8s

  • Kubernetes --> DashBoard --> Kubernetes UI

I got the error “Service Unavailable”

Any idea how can i troubleshoot ?

This is the final link:


Is your compute node up an running?

Try the Kubernetes / CLI and type “kubectl get nodes”

If the node is up, the dash comes online in a minute.

If not, do a docker log on the kubelet of the compute node. It might reveal some error.

Compute nodes are up, all are in “Ready” state with “kubectl get nodes”

BTW, there are many exceptions on Rancher, like:

2017-04-30 16:31:04,300 ERROR [:] [] [] [] [cutorService-94] [.e.s.i.ProcessInstanceDispatcherImpl] Unknown exception running process [instance.remove:8197] on [758], canceled by [State [active] is not val
id for process [image.remove:null] on resource [610]]
2017-04-30 16:31:04,934 ERROR [e9a7bb39-c042-4bfa-8260-f893b8000388:8199] [instance:759] [instance.create] [] [cutorService-94] [c.p.e.p.i.DefaultProcessInstanceImpl] Unknown exception org.jooq.exception.D
ataChangedException: Database record has been changed

I’m not sure what are those errors.

Do you see your “kubernetes-dashboard” container running? under Infrastructure/ Hosts or Containers

If it’s there, checking the logs might help.

What is the logging from kubernetes-dashboard and kubelet?