K8S Upgrade from v1.13.5 to v1.17.2

Hello there,

I was updating one cluster from version v1.13.5 to v1.17.2 but the process stopped after finish the upgrades on Control Planes and ETCD. The Worker still running the old version. I installed a new worker to try to check if the new version come up but the new worker came with the version v1.13.5 also.

I ws thinking in run a rollback but when I try to edit the cluster, the “Kubernetes Version” option appears locked, I’m not able to select the kubernetes version on this cluster.

There’s any process to unlock or force the kubernetes upgrade on worker nodes only ?


Did you do the upgrade in steps: 1.13 - 1.15 - 1.16 - 1.17?

Nope… I did v1.13.5 to v1.17.2 in a direct step.

At one of the Rancher events, I was informed to always upgrade in steps. So that is what I had done and everything worked.
For your situation, this may help:

I managed to reinstall the cluster, first the control planes then the etcd-s and then worker nodes and everything is working right now. Thanks