Kdump config recommendation for large physical servers

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 What is the best configuration for 4TB physical box (memory/storage etc...). 


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What is the best configuration for 4TB physical box (memory/storage

It may be prudent to consider whether or not you plan on submitting dumped
cores to SUSE, or if you plan on analyzing them yourself. most places I
have built boxes have said “no” to both of those questions, opting instead
to just bring up another box, run clusters, or in the worst case, build a
new box to duplicate the issue (with kdump) if the problem really is
something that cannot otherwise be corrected, meaning the could eliminate
the kdump portion completely. In the case of a 4 TiB (RAM) box, you need
to either analyze the dump online (meaning you or others connect in and do
it) or else you need to have some place you can write that dump, and 4 TiB
will take a bit of time. Can your system handle that kind of downtime
rather than just rebooting and getting going again? Perhaps, but just be

Good luck.

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