krdc missing in SLES12

The package krdc (KDE Remote Desktop Connection, the Remote Desktop client of the KDE Software Compilation) has been available in SLES11, but cannot be found in SLES12.

Do you know, why?

Are there alternatives?

Thanks and regards, Tom

Wildly guessing:

KDE is not available with SLES 12. Maybe that’s related?

I use rdesktop, which I believe is the thing that actually does the work
and is called by krdc (I do not know that for sure, though). Either way,
rdesktop is what you need and it comes from the (surprise) rdesktop
package/RPM. Is it available with SLES (vs. SLED)? I do not know as none
of my SLES boxes have a GUI. Since it is a client utility (meant to
access RDP servers) I would not bet on it, but you could always add it
from a SLED or openSUSE repository and probably be fine.

Good luck.

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