Kubectl create -f workload.yml

when i create a workload with kubectl create -f workload.yml the namespace will be create “Not in a Project”.

Is there a trick or way how I can specify in which project the namespace should be created?

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I think you should check whether the cluster, project and namespaceId quoted in your yaml exists.

New namespaces created by kubectl are not automatically assigned to a project. There is not currently any way to tell it where they should go,

So we accidentally delete a workload from a Catalog App deployed through catalog in rancher 2.0, we wont be able to add it back to the same App, right? I can see no option to add it inside an App in the Catalog Apps section.

But if I try to upgrade the app by changing some variables, its gets created with same namsespace, project , but showing only inside workloads section of the Main tab named Workloads and not visible inside the upgraded catalogs App. Strange!