Kubectl help finding faulty .yaml and delete it

I would like to ask if there is a way for me to find a list (or something similar) of all yaml files that I applied over ``kubectl apply -f` on a specific Project so that i can delete it?

To understand why I need this, here’s some context:
I was trying to get certificates from my cert-manager clusterissuer with the help of the cert-manager tutorial but I apparently messed up something in the .yaml file that I applied and now my cert-manager throws errors left and right because of various reasons.

I already tried reinstalling the cert-manager to get rid of these errors but sadly they just get requeued
so I would need to find the original .yml files I uploaded and delete them but I have no idea how to do that and could not find any command on the kubectl command list that would allow for something like that.

No, they are not really “uploaded” and do not exist in the server. The client (kubectl) reads the file and makes the appropriate API calls to create/update the resources it describes. kubectl get --all-namespaces <type name> will show you the required that exist and then you can delete them.

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Thank you! I found the signing requests with this command by using kubectl get “–all-namespaces certificates”.