Kubernetes Nodes remain "Ready" after Rancher Host ist set to "INACTIVE"

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this is expected behavior, but in our tests for handling shutdowned nodes, our workflow is as follows:

Rancher Hosts Overview -> Disable Host “worker-3”

$ kubectl get nodes
worker-1 Ready 1d v1.7.7-rancher1
worker-2 Ready 1d v1.7.7-rancher1
worker-3 Ready 1d v1.7.7-rancher1

If we evacuate the Host, Kubernetes respawns our deployments and services on the same inactive rancher host, as for Kubernetes the Host is actually “Ready”.

Is this expected behavior?
Regards Chris

Same for Ressource Limits in rancher’s “Edit Host” Dialog. Changes are not reflected in Kubernets node description. It this how it is meant to be?