Kubernetes v1.20.14, v1.21.8 and v1.22.5

Kubernetes v1.20.14 is now available for Rancher versions v2.5.11+

Kubernetes v1.21.8 is now available for Rancher versions v2.6.0+

Kubernetes v1.22.5 is now available for Rancher versions v2.6.3+

Note : If you are an air gapped user, please review the documentation on how to get these versions

Important Update 1/6/2022

Due to major issue with the provisioning of RKE2/k3s multi-node clusters, versions v1.21.8+rke2r1, v1.22.5+rke2r1, v1.21.8+k3s1, and v1.22.5+k3s1 have been removed.
The replacement versions will be added at a later date.

If you have RKE2/k3s provisioned clusters affected by this issue, it’s recommended to recreate them using previous versions of RKE2/k3s. If you have upgraded clusters to these versions you can continue operating them; it’s recommended to upgrade them once the replacement versions are available.

Please note this does not affect RKE1 provisioned clusters.