Latest beta RAM question

I saw in the new features list of Release - v1.1.0-dev5:
Important: The amount of RAM needed on any single host will need to be 6 GB. [#51937]

I couldn’t really find in the ticket why there is a requirement for 6gb RAM on all the hosts.
I wonder what the reason behind this is and if rancher will keep working with 4GB, cause all our current hosts run on 4GB ram. Except for the rancher server which runs on a 8gb host

This is specifically for Kubernetes setups as we have introduced etcd HA for the k8s system stack.

We are working to be able to remove this requirement, but if you are using other orchestration types (i.e. Cattle) then you will not need this requirement.

I will update the release notes to make this clearer that it’s specifically related to k8s.

ah nice to hear, we use cattle at the moment. Glad it’s not a requirement for that