LDAP authentication SLES 15 SP3

Hi all,
I’ve been fighting with getting LDAP authentication working on our SLES 15 SP15 servers, and I believe my competence is lacking.

The goal is to be able to log on to the servers using our AD domain accounts, limited to members of a single AD-group, and these members should also have sudo-privileges.
We do not want to join the server to the domain.

On our other Linux servers running Ubuntu, CentOS and SLES 12 we’ve been using nslcd, and it’s been working just fine, but with SLES 15 this seems not to be an option anymore.

I’ve tried just using the YaST ldap configuration, and can get it to talk to the domain fine, but we still can’t log on to the server. So I’ve been reading the official SLES articles, which mostly assume you’re going to join the server to the domain, if not run it as a domain controller. And I’ve been scavenging the internet for articles about getting SSSD/PAM playing but nothing seems to work for me, and I’m admittedly not experienced enough to see what’s failing.

I’m not going to post logs and stuff just now, but instead want to check if anyone is sitting on a guide or have some clear instructions to getting this up and running?