LDAP connection trouble

I have trouble authenticating Rancher using LDAP. I’m using a straightforward OpenLDAP server rather than Active Directory and the “Default Login Domain” seems to create problems with authentication. I typically authenticate a user with cn=username,dc=mydomain,dc=com. When I set “Default Login Domain” to mydomain.com the error message on my LDAP server is

openldap_1     | 5611ff17 conn=1243 fd=26 ACCEPT from IP= (IP=
openldap_1     | 5611ff17 conn=1243 op=0 do_bind: invalid dn (mydomain.com\username)
openldap_1     | 5611ff17 conn=1243 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=34 text=invalid DN
openldap_1     | 5611ff17 conn=1243 fd=26 closed (connection lost)

I see that Rancher is trying to authenticate using the Windows-like “DOMAIN\user” syntax, but I don’t know how to configure my OpenLDAP server to accept that.

There is an open issue to get OpenLDAP working.