LIBSSH_4_8_1 missing/how to identify/where to find?

sorry this is surely a basic question.
While trying to update a system I get this error:

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by libcurl4-32bit-8.0.1-11.86.2.x86_64 is needed by libcurl4-8.0.1-11.86.2.x86_64

When I check current installed version

rpm -qR libcurl4-8.0.1-11.83.2.x86_64

I find among others

How do I identify what LIBSSH_4_8_1 is with its package name? What package provides LIBSSH_4_8_1?

When I check the current installed

sles12sp5:~ # rpm -qi libssh4-0.8.7-3.9.1.x86_64
Name        : libssh4
Version     : 0.8.7

there is no mention of LIBSSH_4_5_0 …
Can someone kindly help me untangle this?
Thanks a lot

If you want to find which installed package provides LIBSSH_4_8_1 you can use

rpm -q --whatprovides ""

If you want to see what an installed package provides you can use

rpm -q --provides libssh4