License clarification


I have a question about license on which Rancher really is distributed. Especially this docker image:

On github page it is clearly said that it is under Apache 2.0. But:

  • Docker Hub doesn’t say anything about license.

  • During basic configuration of Rancher on this Docker image there is a strange checkbox, which says:

    By checking the box, you accept the End User License Agreement & Terms & Conditions

    and leads to general page with SUSE EULAs (I wanted to provide links, but new users can paste max 2 links here), but none of them refers to Rancher itself (only Rancher Prime and Rancher Hosted which are not the case here). Only on the “EULA archive page” we can find “Rancher EULA pre June 2021”.

  • This topic on this forum questions the license:

We would like to use Racher at our company to build a K8s cluster, but also we want to know if it is really free and there are no surprices anywhere.

Could anybody from SUSE clarify this situation and, if there is nothing hidden, tell why is there that ambiguous checkbox?