Linux installation details for customer

Hello, The SUSE Linux installation for customer “Siegenia-Aubi KG” is for SAP and one of the largest installations for SUSE, I understand. In order to understand the size of this installation, I request you to please provide me details :

  1. Number of I/O s for the SAP system per minute or per second.
  2. Number of SAPS of these HP Servers for Database and CI instance.
  3. Size of Database for these SAP Business Suite - ECC, BW

Sai Chalikonda

Hello Sai,

this forum is intended for user-to-user discussion, so your query is much more likely answered if you contact your Novell/SuSE sales person - it’d be much luck if someone from that project would be both reading your message and permitted to disclose details publicly…

With regards,