Live migration and libvirt


We have a two node cluster. The hosts run SLES 15.1 QU2 , Xen , Pacemaker , libvirt and DRBD. Each node has 2 interfaces. One is public and the other is private. Private is for DRBD.

When I try to move the vm resources from node01 to node02 it fails saying:

unable to connect to server at 'node02.mydomain:49152’: Connection refused ( libvirtd log)

node02 is resolved as a private ip. we set it that way so that the live migration uses private network. When I check open ports (ss -ltn) on node02 , I see 49152 is listening on public only.

My understanding is 49152 should listen to all interfaces instead of any one interface. Is this correct? If yes what am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance