Load Balancer decreases the value of the container request when one of the Hosts drops


I’m running some tests with Load Balancer on two Hosts, where each one has a different Ip. I’m using the Cattle orchestrator and for each host I created a Stack with a Load Balancer + 2 containers with a web service running on port 8005. When both Hosts are active, the web service runs normally, however, when I turn off one of the hosts web service takes a long time to respond, causing the webpage to load slowly.

I have identified that if I disconnect the containers that remain active on the linked host, the web service returns to normal operation. From this assumption, I know that the problem of slowness is when the user makes a request in the browser and the load balancer redirects it to a container that in practice is not active due to the host being disconnected.

When powering on the previously disconnected host, the service returns to normal.

How could I solve this problem automatically, someone to help me?

Thank you!