Load balancer existing cookie

noticed that the option for using existing cookie for sticky load balancing has been removed (still in documentation).

I this a fact?

br hw

Same here, version 0.59.0.

Yes, haproxy removed support for it in 1.6. I think they have a different more generalized way to do it now, but we don’t support that.

Well for now I was able to achieve what I needed using: Create new cookie, Mode: Prefix. This is to load-balance between Tomcat servers using Memcached-session-manager. Don’t know if it will work for everyone but for my configuration it worked so at least I can have some stickiness.

yeah, I think prefixing is the direct upgrade from “existing cookie”

I guess doc’s needs to be updated :slight_smile:.


@hwaastad I’m working on it. :wink:

FWIW, I’ve updated the docs regarding load balancer cookie options.