Load Balancer Gzip compression


Is it possible to enable Gzip compression on the load balancer? We are currently using an Amazon beanstalk Tomcat+Apache machine and we enabled Gzip compression using Ebextensions bundled within the war.

i would like to avoid creating a custom docker image for this, or have to edit the ephemeral container through command line.

I don’t think this is something we should enable by default because it can break things and it is better to do the compression on the backend-service side in general. But this would fit into #1871 to give you a (non-fragile) way to add it to the config (after it is implemented).

Thanks for the insight, we’re investigating on how to enable gzip on our backend to avoid having to configure HAProxy.

We have enabled Gzip on our backend but the load-balancer decompresses the content. When accessing directly to our backend by exposing the port, gzip compression is fine. However, when the traffic goes through the load balancer, it gets back to the browser decompressed.

Should i open an issue on github for this?

You could add your comments on your use case to