Load balancer Layer 4 never starts

I am using Rancher under Digital Ocean.
I trying to publish a container port with L4 Load Balancer, and it freezes, always pending, like the image below:


Do I need to open ports on nodes? Or simply it does not work on Digital Ocean?

L4 LBs are managed by the cloud-provider for the cluster, which needs to be configured and have appropriate credentials to talk to their APIs. Without one nothing reads the requested resource and acts on creating it, so it just stays Pending forever.

The one for DigitalOcean is here:

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I created on Digital Ocean, but it’s just a normal Ubuntu server, I did everything manually. Does your answer still applies? Does I need a cloud controller manager?
If I buy a bare metal server and connects it on internet, will I need a CCM to activate the L4 Balancer feature?

Thank you.

Kinda same problem here - I’m running on Ubuntu on bare metal… What additional software needs to be loaded? Or config change?