Load balancer reverse proxy to services

Having an issue with a Load Balancer (haproxy) that we’re trying to get setup for a new stack. My services are up and running on their respective ports (8000 and 8080) and I can curl to get their API responses just fine.

Example: curl -i

However, I’d like the LB to listen on port 80 and proxy to the service running on 8000 so I could just run this…
curl -i,
…however that just returns a 404

I feel like it’s just something dumb i’m missing in the lb config, or maybe the rancher lb/haproxy isn’t supposed to do this (??)

I think the problem might be that when the load balancer sends the requests to the backend service it does not strip out the “go-configuration-agent-api” from the string. If your backend service is expecting to receive the URL /v1/configurations, but the actual url it receives is /go-configuration-agent-api/v1/configurations.