Load Balancer source code

Hi Rancher team,

I was wondering if the Rancher Load Balancer source code is available or are there any plans to open source it in the future.


It’s HAProxy, rancher just abstracts it

Yes just vanilla haproxy in an ubuntu container… https://github.com/rancher/agent-instance

Thanks, so does the load balancer update HAProxy configurations on the fly whenever a service is linked or unlinked or updated? Or does the load balancer require a restart?

The reason I ask is because in tutum/haproxy has alot of wrapper code around HAProxy to reload the configs each time an update occurs in the linked services. It can be quite unreliable at times, dropping out backends and returning 503s.

I’d be interested to see how Rancher handles the same problem, but had some issues setting the load balancer up. Will try again with the 0.47.0 release.

Load balancers are updated on the fly and do not require a restart.

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