Load balancer SSL 503 service unavailable error

I used the Let’s Encrypt template 0.4 and have successfully generated a certificate under rancher 1.3.4. I understand that the SSL terminates at the load balancer only and the traffic between the load balancer to my container is encrypted by ipsec and I have no issues with that. What I couldn’t figure out is the way to configure the service rules because I am getting 503 service unable error. Here’s my current setup:

I want to let users connect to my container via https only and have the load balancer forward the request to my container ‘web’ at port 5000. What’s the best way to configure the rules?

Looks OK to me. Do you have a health check on the web service? Are you sure it’s up and available on 5000?

I found that the error was not related to the load balancer. It has something to do with the trailing slashes in the route with flask. For some reason the behaviour is different under http. Thanks for confirming that the load balancer service is setup properly.

Brilliant, you’re welcome.