Load Balancing Ingress No IP Address

Hi All,

On a physical machine I have installed Rancher OS 1.4.0 bare metal. I have started the rancher/rancher:latest being v2.0.8. After that I have created a custom cluster on the same machine en connected a rancher/agent:v2.0.8 which is provisioned successfully.

Having the Rancher and the agent node running on the same RancherOS physical machine. Then I have created a workload with a Docker and a load balance to that workload using a provided host name and L7 ingress.

When I have the DNS from my domain name provider pointing to my external IP and my router routing it to the physical machine IP on port 80/443, it will load the Rancher administration UI when I go to that address which is obvious.

When I execute kubectl get ingress command I will get the ingress mapped using load balance on port 80 without an IP address.


What I would like is to have an ingress IP so I can map a domain name to that IP address and port.

Any clue on what I am doing wrong here?

Kind regards,