Loadbalancer could not be saved

I wanted to try the asterisk function of the loadbalancer and where not able to save the existing config.
Please help

Yes, this is an issue in Github. We are hoping to cut a v0.50.1 shortly to fix this issue.

@zauberertz Just to confirm, is this an upgraded setup and this load balancer is from your old Rancher version.

If you try to clone the load balancer, are you able to launch a new one?

@denise I can confirm it is a upgraded load balancer and I where able to create a new load balancer.
It is as well possible to clone the LB but I’m not able to upgrade it.

I would appreciate a hotfix release (0.50.1)

Can you clarify what you mean by an upgraded load balancer? And how are you trying upgrade your load balancer? What option are you selecting in the menu drop-down?

I was trying to ask if Rancher server was an upgraded setup.

So the Server was upgraded from 0.49 to 0.50

And the upgrade function is not available at the load balancer in the context menu.

I tried to change the domain settings for this LB cause there are now the asterisk placeholder available.

Okay, we have figured out the issue.

Basically, the validation for name was occuring against removed services and active services, which was causing the name validation to fail when editing any service that had a name you had previously used.

We are about to ship v0.50.1, but you could test out v0.50.1-rc1 if you wanted to make sure we fix your issue.

I have installed the version 0.50.1 and it seams that the issue is gone away.