Local Node Path - Not creating the directory

I am not sure if my expectation is correct, but I would assume for Local Node Path persistent storage that I would see a ‘/storage’ directory created on the node especially since Rancher says everything is OK. However, this is not the case. Is this being created relative to somewhere else?

Not a totally researched answer but it may point you to some direction - I remember reading some release notes from Docker to the effect that at some point, Docker stopped creating the local path for volumes… I could be wrong but I have this vague recollection.

Looking at the API view and what the delete command is saying is:

waiting on foregroundDeletion

Seems like a bug that k8s has to wait on rancher?

Well, per workaround here, I got it deleted without having to run does destructive cleanup scripts.

i.e. I edited the persistentvolumeclaim yaml and removed these two lines:

- foregroundDeletion