Longhorn with 2 ethernet interfaces

Hello there,

My hosts have 2 ethernet interfaces, to optimize the network traffic, it could be a good idea to use one interface only for Longhorn (I think it is a good idea, let me know if I am wrong)

I guess I should use network policies, but I don’t know if it is the right way, or something else need to be used?

Thanks for your help

Can you have a look at this? [FEATURE] Support multi-network K8s clusters (storage network) · Issue #2285 · longhorn/longhorn · GitHub

How fast are your NICs and how many servers will be accessing this storage?

In my setup, TrueNAS is still my central NAS and its performance was enhanced after creating a LAGG pair with 2 1GB NICS. You could leverage a diff VNET or subnet for storage traffic from the hosts to your Longhorn server.