Machine Drivers openstack with ui-driver-skel


I would like create a specific ui-driver-skel with openstack driver or vmware .
I want customize my ui-driver-skel for this driver but i don’t understand how to create a “Machine Driver” with driver already include in docker-machine ?

There is possibility for create this ?

In 1.1.0-dev2 there will actually be machineDriver resources in the API for every driver (now including the built-in ones), so you could set a custom UI URL on them. Though I wasn’t planning to allow editing the built-in drivers in the UI. It also includes a screen for vmwarevsphere.

If you want to build one for openstack that looks/works similar to the other drivers we would take that as a pull-request that could go into the normal UI. You’ll want to wait for 1.1.0-dev2 though (next few days) because a lot has changed in this specific area.

thank you,
I’ll wait for this next dev release.

Ok i’ve installed the 1.1.0-dev2-rc4 :slight_smile:

I’ll try this.